The gravity of Neptune is about 1.1 times the gravity of Earth. How will the mass of an object on Neptune compare with its mass on Earth?

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    The mass of an object remains same everywhere


    The mass of an object is equal to amount of matter contained in it and therefore it remains constant everywhere.

    However, it is the weight of an object that varies with the gravity.

    Weight of an object [tex]= M * g\\[/tex]

    Where "M" represents the mass of an object in Kg

    and "g" represents the acceleration due to gravity in [tex]\frac{m}{s^{2} }[/tex]

    Now, if on earth mass of an object is 100 Kg, then its mass on neptune will also be 100 Kg.

    But weight of the same object on earth would be

    [tex]100 * 9.8\frac{m}{s^{2} } \\= 980 \frac{Kg-m}{s^{2} }[/tex]

    Since gravity of Neptune is [tex]1.1[/tex] times the gravity of earth, its gravitational constant g would be equal to [tex]1.1 * 9.8 \frac{m}{s^{2} }[/tex]

    Therefore, weight of this object on Neptune will be equal to [tex]100 * 1.1* 9.8\frac{m}{s^{2} } \\= 1078 \frac{Kg-m}{s^{2} }[/tex]