Michael must pay his way through college. He is a sophomore in high school and currently babysits regularly on the weekends. He works 15 hours and makes $8.00 an hour. He will be eligible to work at his uncle's restaurant in three months, and he can work twenty hours a week at $8.50 an hour. Use the PACED decision-process to decide what Michael's best choice is. Show each step.

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  • The PACED decision-process is
    P: define the Problem
    A: list the Alternatives
    C: Select the Criteria
    E: Evaluate the alternatives
    D: Decide
    The problem is: Earn money for college
    Alternatives are: Either work at 8$/hour for 15hours/week or $8.50/hour for 20hours/week beginning 3 months from the date. 
    The Criteria is: Jobs that pay more now until college.

    The Evaluation is: 
    1. Baby sitting job will last another 2 1/2 years. That's 2.5 x 52 weeks = 130 weeks. 130 x $8/hour x 15 hours = 130 * 120 = $15,600 dollars for college.

    2. Restaurant job - will earn nothing for 3 months and then pay $8.50/hour for 20 weeks for 2 1/4 years. 2 1/4 years = 117 weeks. 
    117 * $8.50 * 20 = $117 x $170 = $19,890 dollars
    So the Restaurant job would earn more money for college by $4290. 
  • Answer:

    1. He must pay through college. (Define Problem)

    2. Baby sit vs Restaurant (List the alternatives)

    3. Sophomore in highschool currently babysitting on weekends (Select Criteria)

    4. $8 hr/ 15 hours vs $8.50 hr/ 20 hours (Evaluate the alternatives)

    5. He should continue his baby sitting job until he can work at the restaurant (make a decision)


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