2.The image below shows two nitrogen atoms. For these two atoms to form a stable molecule, N2, how many electrons would have to be part of covalent bonds?

2 Answer

  • Since N2 is a covalent bond, the lewis dot structure of  N2 would have a triple bond. Each bond contains 2 electrons, so if it has a triple bond it contains 6 electrons. 
    Calculate the number of valence electrons of N2
    N= 2x 5 = 10 
    N2 has a total of 10 valence electrons, to become stable each N atom needs 8 electrons. 
    So, therefore, 6 electrons would have to be a part of covalent bonds because they share 6 electrons in a triple bond. 
  • D. 6 electrons

    A single nitrogen atom has five electrons in its outer energy level to start, and will be most stable with an octet, or 8 electrons in its outer level.