Or like, Papi, two swimmers looking down at the quiet surface of our island waters, seeing their faces right before plunging in, eager, afraid, not yet sure of the outcome. Examine the literary device or devices being used in this excerpt from the poem. How does each literary device that you identify affect the theme of the poem? Defend your response with evidence from the poem.

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  • Can you give┬áthe name of the poem?
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    The scene in the poem "Exile" where the speaker's family gazes at a picture of a family at the beach reveals the insecurity and the uprootedness that the speaker feels. The picture seems to represent America because as the family "marvel[s] at America," they point out the details of the beach. Although they admire America's technology and differences, they don't feel lucky because they were forced to leave their country. When the speaker points out how alien her family looks (too dressed up) when superimposed on the beach picture, she ends by explaining that they are "visitors to this country." Her word choice clearly indicates that she wants to feel positive about all America has to offer (and perhaps is even grateful that they have found a place of refuge), but that doesn't change the fact that it just isn't home.


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