Ariel snowboarded down a mountain that has a vertical height of 1,200 feet. She traveled a distance of 2,400 feet from the top of the mountain to the base.
The angle of elevation from the base to the top of the mountain is

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    If you illustrate the problem, it forms a right triangle. The vertical feet is equal to 1200 feet. Then the slope of the mountain represents the hypotenuse of the triangle. To know the angle between the slope and the vertical height, we use cosine function:

    cos theta = 1200/2400
    theta = 60 degrees

    But the angle of elevation refers to the angle the slope of the mountain makes with the horizontal. Thus, the angle is

    180 -90 - 60 = 30 degrees
  • Answer:

    30 degrees

    Step-by-step explanation: