According to a magazine, a cleaning solution of 5% bleach will remove mildew from a shower or tub.

How many ounces of bleach do you need to make a quart of 5% bleach solution?
Explain the method you used using complete sentences

1 Answer

  • In order to have a 5% bleach solution, you need to have 5% of the quart be bleach and the other 95% be something else. The first think you have to do is find out how many ounces are in a quart. In this case, there are 32 ounces in a quart. Next, you have to find out what 1% of that 32 is. So you take the 32 and divide¬†by 100 and that is 1% of the quart. Next, Take that number and multiply by 5 to get how many ounces are equal to 5% of the quart.

    Your answer is 1.6 ounces to make a 5% solution.