Write a poem describing what you did and how you felt. Experiment with the rhyme scheme in your poem, just as modern poets did. After your poem, include a brief explanation of the rhyme scheme, structure, and literary devices that you used.

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  • The demons I have 
    are seen inside
    But dont try and find them
    Or the monster will rise

    I dont want to hurt you
    But my demons have minds
    Ones that I have no control

    Im sorry I did
    But it's my fault
    Please take my hand
    And we take it from 
    off this land

    This poems( I know it may be bad) reminds me of the time that the demon inside was released and hurt somebody that I love very much.

  • In this neighborhood in Queens,

    I watch the neighbor teens

    play without a care,

    As alone I sit and stare.

    I don’t play basketball

    for I’m not very tall.

    They dribble and drive forward,

    While I sit and look onward.

    Anyway I would rather write

    Than shoot, dodge, and fight.

    I decided to join them today,

    I wondered what they would say

    No knowledge or skill,

    Just there for the thrill,

    And so they turned me away,

    They didn’t let me have my say.

    Just because I’m not tall

    doesn’t mean I can’t play ball!

    Anyway I would rather write

    Than shoot, dodge, and fight.

    This poem uses a set end rhyme scheme, aabb ccdd ee. There is also a set structure. The first and second stanzas have four lines, the third has two, the fourth and fifth stanzas have four, and the sixth has two. Some of the thoughts run across lines, using enjambment. Also, the repetition of the lines in the third stanza, which also make up the sixth stanza, highlight the speaker’s denial of feeling bad about being excluded.


    From Plato