Though Martin in “The Medicine Bag” and the narrator in “The White Umbrella” are very different, they have some things in common as well. Describe what you think they have in common.

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  • Both narrators in "The Medicine Bag" and "The White Umbrella" used the first person to relay their stories. In "The Medicine Bag", the narrator used descriptive narration by describing what happened in the story while the narrator in "The White Umbrella" used conversational narration. Both stories tackled about being different in the society. 
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    A similarity that can be seen when both main characters have doubts about their heritage. We can see that when the narrator in "The Medicine Bag" tells their piano teacher Miss Crossman that she wished she was her mother. This was because she was angry that her mother did not pick them up and left them waiting outside on the porch. When Miss Crossman saw this she invited them over to her house which was right next door. Mona very eager, bounced away from the narrator. The narrator on the other hand was rather stubborn and waited around an hour and a half for their mother to arrive.

    In "The Medicine Bag" the narrator is scared of bringing his friends over for them to see him. This is because he does not look like the Sioux in the movies, but he still went through most of the things they did. It took him a lot of courage to bring his friends over, (he had his sister to thank for, when he saw that all her friends became fond of his grandfather he than decided to bring his friends over.) When he did bring his friends and they met his grandfather Joe, they loved him! They couldn't wait to meet him again!

    ​Lastly in the stories, "The White Umbrella" and "The Medicine Bag" the authors use small words to depict these big emotions.


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