Which of the following are examples of pandemics?

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  • Pandemics are Like outbreaks, Spread of disease, And Lethal Infections.

    Rabies are common for dogs to turn vicious . The flu is also like a pandemic and affects humans and some animals.

  • Answer:

    Examples of pandemics are the Spanish Flu that broke out in 1918, and the bubonic plague that swept across Europe in the mid-1300s.


    A pandemic refers to an infectious disease of humans along a geographically large area, which affects a large population.

    -The Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 was a flu pandemic of unusual severity. Unlike other epidemics of influenza that affect children and the elderly, many of its victims were young and healthy adults, and animals, including dogs and cats. It is considered the most devastating pandemic in human history, since in just one year it killed between 40 and 100 million people.

    -The bubonic plague was a pandemic of plague that ravaged Europe during the fourteenth century and was transmitted by fleas transported by rats. It is believed that the epidemic emerged in Central Asia, from where it passed to Italian cities with great maritime activity such as Genoa, and from there to all of Europe. The bubonic plague ended with more than a third of the European population and some 45 million people worldwide.