Select a musical instrument. Research the instrument and explain how it works in terms of sound production and resonance. Describe how a musician can vary the pitch and loudness of the notes. Explain why different types of musical instruments sound different, even though they play the same notes.

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  • 1. I think a drum would be the easiest instrument to explain. You can vary the pitch and loudness by hitting it with different intensities or at different points or angles.

    PS. I'm not talking about a drumset. I'm talking about an ordinary drum.

    2. Different types of instruments sound different even though they play the same notes because they use different mechanisms for producing sound.

  • Answer:


    Xylophones is an instrument which has wooden bars attached to mallet.

    When bars are hit, a sound is produced which resonate in the wooden boxes.

    These wooden bars are of different sizes thus there pitch different from each other.

    The longer the bars, more time the sound will be there hence lower will be the pitch.

    As musical instruments are different in structure, they have different nature and produce different sounds.