what can you eat that is healthy

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  • Good question!

    Healthy foods are key for having a healthy body. If you feed your body properly now, you will have a much lower risk of health issues down the road. Like I like to say, I don't want to be taking medicines when I'm old, for something I could've prevented when I was young.

    But let's get to the question!
    Things that are healthy for you are:
    1. Fruits & Berries - Some of the better tasting healthy foods, these fruits are easy to eat and you can make smoothies with them and sneak some bitter greens in. (You won't even taste them.)
    2. Eggs!
    3. Chicken Breast - chicken is good for leading a healthy lifestyle. Low in fat and calories but high in protein. (Just grill or bake them, don't fry.)
    4. Nuts and Seeds
    5 Vegetables - Vegetables are packed with nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Things like carrots, celery and kale are good in smoothies with fruits, because  the fruit will mask the taste if you don't like them. These aren't optional to a healthy diet.
    6. Seafood - seafood is great for you. They are especially rich in in omega-3 fatty acids and iodine, two nutrients that most people don’t get enough of.

    Foods like these are not optional to a healthy diet. You can not eat them, but you will have more pimples, be more tired, weak, and pasty. Having these nutrients gives your body a healthy glow.

    The main theme of these foods is to eat as close to nature as you can. The more processed and GM the food is, the worse it is for you.
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    well you can eat alot of food you can eat salads you can eat vetiables you can eat low sodaim foods and soups