What does Congresswoman Chisholm mean when she uses the term tokenism in her speech?

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  • She is referring to money controlling how people think and act
  • Answer:

    She used the term to state that "there are not enough women in managerial positions"


    Tokenism is a social concept that emerged in the midst of the black struggle for civil rights in the US in the 1950s. Strictly speaking, tokenism is a recurring practice in environments where structural oppressions of race and gender are the target of critical awareness work and claiming that minirarian groups can access rights denied to them, concentrating in the hands of the few what we call social privilege.

    Based on this, Chisholm used the term tokenism to assert that even though women are the majority of the population, sometimes women occupy managerial positions in society, and not because of lack of capacity, but because women have not reached the standard of equality they deserve.