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is the right to a speedy trial.

2 Answer

  • The Sixth Amendment gives you the right to a speedy trial
  • The right to a speedy trial is guaranteed in the Sixth Amendment.

    The Sixth Amendment was ratified in 1791 as part of the United States Bill of Rights. It guarantees a citizen a speedy trial (without unnecessary delay), a fair jury, an attorney and the chance to confront the witnesses who are accusing the defendant.

    If the speed of the trail has been violated, a refusal or dismissal is possible. To determine if the speed of trial has been violated, a balancing test is applied ( length of the delay, the reason for the delay, time and manner in which the defendant has asserted his right, degree of prejudice to the defendant which the delay has caused).

    The speedy trial has been most visibly tested in a series of cases involving terrorism, where accusations had to be made promptly.