The development of cars has been good in some ways and bad in others. The car has allowed for better transportation but it is also responsible for a great deal of pollution. Which activity helps solve the pollution problem through the use of new technology?

2 Answer

  • Building smart cars that run on less polluting fuels will help with less pollution.
  • Answer:

    The correct answer will be building of non-polluting fuel cars.


    Car technology is based on the burning of fuels like petroleum and gases which on combustion produces harmful or polluting gases like SO₂, CH₄ and other harmful gases.

    There are ways to control these pollution causing cars by the production of cars which can be environment-friendly which can run on the alternative fuels like compressed-air vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, neat ethanol vehicles, natural gas vehicles and electric vehicles.

    Thus, the building of non-polluting fuel cars is the correct answer.


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