Tom Hayden, one of the founders of the SDS, penned its _______ Statement.
A) Mount Saint Helens
B) Port Huron
C) Fort Reynolds

2 Answer

  • The correct answer is: B) Port Huron.

    The SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, published a manifesto on June 15, 1962 titled The Port Huron Statement.

    Tom Hayden, a former undergraduate student at the University of Michigan and other students reunited in Port Huron to write it. He wrote the first draft and participated on the discussions to finalize it.

    In the manifesto, students show their desillusionment of the world, evidenced on the risks of nuclear war and the violence in the white segregationist's resistance to teh Civil Rights movemebt. They hoped for a better world. Their manifesto become the ideological bases of the new left.

  • Answer:

    Port huron