During the Bataan Death March:
A.U.S. troops were evacuated.
B.many American prisoners were killed.
C.America recaptured the Philippines.
D.the Japanese mainland was attacked.

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    In April 1942 The Filipinos surrendered to the Japanese , and the Japanese did not know what to do with the 76,000 prisoners of war, so they decided to end them.  They were ordered to embark on a 110-mile march through the jungle, and anyone who lost sight of effort or dehydration was left without a head or left to die in the jungle.  They were beaten on the way by Japanese soldiers, and about 2,500 Filipinos and about 500 Americans died on this alleged "pilgrimage", as they called it.  Most of the prisoners who were eventually detained in the camp were awaited by a similar fate; the largest number of people died of starvation, illness, or were beaten to death, and an additional 26,000 Filipinos and 7,000 Americans died there.

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    B. many American prisoners were killed.



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