In-text citations for source materials must be included after all _____.

A) direct quotes, summaries, references
B) scholar names, journal titles, summaries
C) references, paraphrases, allusions
D) direct quotes, summaries, paraphrases

2 Answer

  • The correct answer is D. Direct quotes, summaries, paraphrases


    In-text citations refer to the use of ideas or words taken from an external source of information, for example, a book, web page or article as part of another paper or document. Considering this information does not belong to the author that is writing the document or paper it is necessary to acknowledge the authorship of the source, which means it is necessary to clarify the authorship of the sources used while writing a paper usually by including a list with information about the sources at the end of the document and adding key information such as the last name of the author when using the exact words of the source (quotation), when using the ideas of the source but expressing them using different words (paraphrases) and when compiling different ideas (summaries), as even though the ideas are not expressed directly these are still being used. Thus, in-text citations for source materials must be included after all direct quotes, summaries, and paraphrases.

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