Belle’s grandfather lives in a region where the temperature drops below 0°F at night. When Belle visited her grandfather, they hiked up a hill. Belle noticed that a lot of rocks had cracks in them. She also found quite a few rocks that had split into pieces. What most likely caused the rocks in this region to weather?

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    The most likely caused the rocks in this region to weather is frost wedging
  • Answer:

    The correct answer is frost wedging.


    A kind of physical weathering that takes place because of the continuous cycles of water freezing and thawing found in the rocks crevices is known as frost wedging. Water exhibits the tendency to expand upon freezing. This characteristic of water assists in the kind of weathering process. The water found in the rocks crevices swells due to freezing and increases the cracks further more. With persistent cycles over time, it can result in the dissociation of rocks into particles.