What was the US strategy in its efforts to rebuild Europe after World War II?

allowing the Soviet Union to dominate West Berlin
promoting the spread of communism
allowing free and fair elections
ending its alliance with Britain

2 Answer

  • c) allowing free and fair elections

  • Answer:

    allowing free and fair elections


    The Marshall Plan - officially called the European Recovery Program (ERP) - was an initiative of the United States to help Western Europe, in which the Americans gave economic aid worth about 14 billion dollars at the time. of those countries in Europe devastated after the Second World War. The plan was in operation for four years since 1948. The objectives of the United States were to rebuild those areas destroyed by the war, eliminate barriers to trade, modernize European industry and make the continent prosperous again; All of these objectives were aimed at preventing the spread of communism, which had a large and growing influence in post-war Europe.The Marshall Plan required a decrease in inter-state barriers, less regulation of business and encouraged an increase in productivity, union membership and new "modern" business models