Earth is comprised of four systems, or spheres. describe how these four systems work together as a system.

2 Answer

  • Hydrosphere- All water on Earth
    Biosphere- All life on Earth
    Lithosphere- Solid ground on Earth
    Atmosphere- Invisible gases surrounding Earth.
    These 4 systems rely heavily on each other in order for them to function. For example, the biosphere wont be able to exist if it wasn't for the hydrosphere doing the water cycle 
  • Answer:

    Earth comprises four spheres, that is, the hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, and the atmosphere. The modifications in any sphere of the Earth's system also influences other spheres of the system. Like storms produced in the atmosphere brings rain. The rain influences the hydrosphere by elevating the concentration of water in the river, that further influences the flow of the river. The river, which flows modifies the surface of the lithosphere, and the plants and animals, that is, the biosphere of the Earth relies upon water in order to thrive.  


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