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1977: Removed U.S. nuclear weapons from South Korea1978: Oversaw the "Camp David Accords" between Israel and Egypt1979: Signed "SALT II" with USSR to reduce nuclear weapons1982: Founded "The Carter Center"1994: Met with North Korea to get them to agree to nuclear inspections1994: Met with Haiti's leaders to restore democracy there1999: Negotiated peace agreement between Sudan and Uganda These events could be used to support President Jimmy Carter's *

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reelection victory as U.S. President.

winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002

serving only one term as U.S. President.

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  • winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. ┬áis the correct answer

  • Answer:B


    all of these events were used as support in the nomination and eventually awarding of the Nobel Peace prize to former President Jimmy Carter in 2002. A Nobel prize is awarded for a person's ongoing accomplishments in a field, so Carter's honor was not for one thing but for a lifelong pattern of working to achieve and keep peace.