Alex, Jean, Pat, and Tommie do not have cars. Each has a different way of getting around town (bike, bus, roller blades, and walking).Alex and Jean do not know how to roller blade.The bus does not come by where Tommie lives.Jean does not like to bike or take the bus.Alex does not ride the bus.Who uses roller blades to get around town? i want to say Tommie?.

2 Answer

  • answer is Tommie.
    alex and joan dont know how to ride 
    joan does not like riding bike,that means same applies to the roller
  • Answer:

    Yes, Tommie uses roller blades.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Since, Alex and Jean do not know how to roller blade.

    So, Roller blade can only ride by Pat and Tommie.

    Now, using all given information of person dislike and information given we can draw chart as one person uses only one way to getting around town.

    Using chart we can conclude that Tommie uses roller blades.


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