The Bessemer process led to which of the following?

the mass production of high quality steel

the rapid increase in agricultural production

the creation of a monopoly in the oil industry

the employment of highly skilled workers

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  • The answer to your question is A. I hope this helps
  • Answer:

    A. Mass production of high quality steel is the correct answer.


    Henry Bessemer invented the Bessemer Process in 1855 to create cheap and efficient steel from iron. This invention was important as it helped in production of stronger steel which was used int he construction of railroads, buildings and machines. Historians claim that Bessemer process allowed US to transition from age of Iron to the Age of steel.The process worked on the method of refining iron by passing air through it. A large and pear shaped converter was used for the decarbonizing iron during the production process. It worked on the idea of William Kelly.