This landmark hosted the delegation that created the founding documents of the United States. It is considered by many to be the birthplace of our republic. What is its correct name and location?

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA
U.S. Capitol Building in Philadelphia, PA
U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.
Independence Hall in Washington, D.C.


This landmark is where the U.S. Constitution is interpreted and disagreements about it settled. Which of the following is the correct name and location of this landmark?

 Supreme Court Building and Washington, D.C. 
U.S. Capitol Building and Philadelphia 
Supreme Court Building and Philadelphia 
 U.S. Capitol Building and Washington, D.C.

1 Answer

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    The place that is considered of birth of the American republic is the Independence Hall, located in Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania. It was there that, in 1776, the Independence of the United States of America was declared. The laws of the United States and the interpretation of the Constitution is done by the Supreme Court, in its building located in the capital, Washington, D.C.