1. Why did Philip II of Spain and Louis XIV patronize the arts? (Lesson 1)
3. Why was it difficult for Colbert to control Louis XIV’s large expenses? (Lesson 1)
5. How did Philip II influence the art of Spain’s golden age? (Lesson 1)

1 Answer

  • He spread his power throughout the nation and called for his absolute rule. He strengthened the Catholic Church and had a sea battle using the armada with England over the gold they were bringing back from mexico.

    During Philip II's reign he expanded Spanish influence, stregthened the Catholic Church, and made his own power absolute. He was like his father hard working, devoluted, and ambitious. Unlike others, Philip spent most of his time on government work. He never jousted and would sometimes hunt. He made every part of the government responsible to himself. He controlled as an absoulte monarch with complete control over his government and the lives of the people.

    Hope this helps!