Andrew Carnegie was a very successful entrepreneur and businessman in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He started the Carnegie Steel Company and later went on to have profitable investments in the railroad and oil industries. Carnegie retired at the beginning of the 20th century and began to devote his time, efforts, and money to help others. He used his money to establish social organizations, museums, libraries, schools, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Based on the passage about Andrew Carnegie, one could say that he was an entrepreneur, an industrialist, and

a philanthropist.

a politician.

an environmentalist.

a fascist.

2 Answer

  • He is also a philanthropist.
  • The correct answer is A. A philanthropist


    A philanthropist refers to a person who cares about humanity or people and therefore acts to promote the general well-being usually by giving their time, money or making efforts to help people. Andrew Carnegie can be classified as a philanthropist as the text explains he "devote his time, efforts, and money to help others" which means he cared about the welfare of people, this is reinforced by the idea Carnegie help to create libraries, museums, schools, etc to help people besides supporting international peace and scientific research.


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