Which of the following shouldn't be listed with author names in citation?
A. Sir.
C. Jr.
D. Dr.

I think it's B but I would like a confirmation

2 Answer

  • I agree with B, I've seen the others in books, but never that he's the III'd.
  • The correct answer is D. Dr.


    During citations or reference to the ideas or words of another author or resource, it is necessary to include the name of the author as well as other key information about the resource. In the case of the name of the author APA and the MLA style which are both manuals on how to publish a document recommend in case the name includes suffixes such as "Sir.", "III" or "Jr." to include them in the reference list but not during in-text citations, which means this words should not be included during the text but just at the end of it in the reference list. However, in the case of academic littles such as Ph.D. or Dr. this should be never included as these are not part of the author's name but of his education and academical background. Thus, the word that should not be included with the author name in a citation is "Dr." as this word is the title of the author but not the name of it.


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