OYSTER BAY, Del. — Mia, a six-year-old German Shepherd, limped into the Oyster Bay Animal Hospital early yesterday morning without her owners. Dr. Danielle Kim, the veterinarian on duty at the time, examined Mia and noticed an infected cut on Mia’s right front paw.
Dr. Kim treated Mia’s wound and contacted the owners, Sharon and Norton McKirdy of nearby Driftwood, whose contact information was found on Mia’s tags. Mia had been missing for two days, and although her owners were relieved to have found her, they were surprised to hear that their pet had taken herself to get treatment for her injury.
“I have no idea how Mia found her way to that particular animal hospital,” said Mrs. McKirdy. “We’ve never taken her there before. Besides, she hates going to the vet.”
Dr. Kim was equally surprised. “I’ve been a veterinarian for almost 12 years, but I’ve never seen a dog seek her own care,” she said.

Which standard journalist’s question is not answered in this article’s lead?


1 Answer

  • where ?  Oyster Bay Animal Hosp.
    when ?  yesterday
    what ? Mia walked herself into the vet

    WHY ?  <== ur answer