The boy woke up. Today he and his dad were going fishing. They got in the car. They drove to the lake. They fished from the pier. The sun was hot. The two ate a snack. It looked like they were not catching fish today. Then, the boy caught a fish. It was a great day. Question: Rewrite the paragraph, turning all of the nondescript sentences into more vivid, descriptive language, filled with concrete detail.

1 Answer

  • The young boy woke up, so excited that him and his dad were going fishing today at the lake. He packed his gear, loaded the car, got in, and went to the lake. The fished off the pier, which was the best fishing spot at the whole lake! The sun was so hot, that they decided to eat a snack. After the snack, they still hadn't caught a fish. Then, by God's grace, the little boy finally caught a fish, making it the best day ever.

    Hope this helps!

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