My heart, I cannot still it, Nest that had song-birds in it; And when the last shall go, The dreary days to fill it, Instead of lark or linnet, Shall whirl dead leaves and snow. The speaker compares his heart to an empty nest in order to emphasize the fact that his love has left. describe a physical feeling he is experiencing. illustrate the positive qualities of his love. explain the types of birds that he favors.

2 Answer

  • He's trying to describe a physical feeling that he's experiencing. He used a metaphor to try to explain his heartache and what he feels about his loss.
  • The poet in these lines compares his love with an empty nest. He describes his feelings indirectly.

    What is the poet feeling?

    The poet is experiencing lost love. He compares his heart to an empty nest and tries to explain that his love has left. He says that a full heart is like a nest full of birds which is cheerful but when the birds go away, it is all lonely and empty.

    He is physically feeling a pain in his heart because of the emptiness and loneliness.

    What are the positive qualities of love?

    According to the speaker, love is a feeling similar to listening to music which is soft and serene. He feels that even the gloomy days can become better when a person has love. Love makes you strong.

    Therefore, the speaker uses the comparison of nest to explain his own feelings.

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