Anna wants to take fitness classes. She compares two gyms to determine which would be the best deal for her. Fit Fast charges a set fee per class. Stepping Up charges a monthly fee, plus an additional fee per class. What is the system of equations representing these costs? y = 5.5x and y = 7.5x + 10 y = 7.5x and y = 5.5x y = 7.5x and y = 5.5x + 10 y = 7.5x + 10 and y = 5.5x + 10

2 Answer

  • Fit Fast: a set feet per class => y = Ax

    Stepping Up: a monthly fee plus an additioal fee per class => h = Bx + C

    You can discard the second and the fourth systems becauseĀ  they do not have the form established from the statement.

    The first system produce an obvious result given that is represents an option that is always better than the other 5.5x will be lower than 7.5x + 10 for any positive value of x, and so there is no need to make any comparission.

    The third system is

    y = 7.5x and y = 5.5x + 10 which need to be solved to determine when one rate is more convenient than the other.

    Answer: y = 7.5x and y = 5..5x + 10

  • Answer:

    Y=7.5x and y= 5.5x + 10

    Step-by-step explanation: