During the middle ages Christianity was spread by monks, missionaries, and conquering armies. T or F

2 Answer

  • True . During the middle ages, Christianity was spread by missionaries, monks, and conquering armies.
  • The correct answer is True


    In history, the Middle Ages was to a historical period that began in the 5th century and ended in the 14th century. The main feature of this historical period was the importance the Christian Church had in the society, indeed the Church and the believes and practices related to it influenced almost every aspect of society including government. Additionally, the Church strengthen its power in different ways this included religion orders that were institutions and religious leaders derived from the Christian church such as the monks or the missionaries that were in charge of spreading the faith and believes of the church and the use of conquering armies that were used during the Crusades to attack members of other religions. Therefore, it is true during the middle ages Christianity was spread by monks, missionaries and conquering armies.