Text-to-self connections are made when the reader connects something in the text to __________.

something that happened in history
something that happened in another text
something the reader has experienced
something the reader has watched or read

im not sure if this is c

2 Answer

  • it is c, because when it is reffering to text to self, it's something the reader has experienced, thought, said, done, just anything that the reader has done or experienced.
  • The correct answer is C. Something the reader has experienced


    In reading, text-to-self connection implies making a connection or relating the ideas and concepts found on a text with own experiences, previous knowledge and in general everything the reader has ever done or lived. This type of connection is personal and differs from text-to-text connection because in this the connection occurs with other texts the reader has read and from text-to-world because in this the reader connects the text with history or events that occur in the world. This implies in text-to-self the reader connects something in the text to something the reader has experienced.