what is the solution set of 7x^2+3x=0

2 Answer

  • take the common 'x' out,

    7x^2 +3x = 0
    x (7x+3) = 0

    so x = 0 or 7x+3 = 0
    x=0 or 7x = -3
    x=0 or x = -3/7

    so the solutions are 0,-3/7. 
  • Answer:

    x = 0 or x = -3/7

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The equation is a second order polynnomial and would therefore have two solutions for x.

    The solution of the set can be expressed as:


    The x is a common term in the expression so we can write is as:


    Where the expression is equal to zero the first solution of x is 0: x=0

    The second part (7x+3) is also equal to zero and therefore:


    After simplification x = -3/7

    The solution of the set is x=0 or x=-3/7

    Substituting either in the left hand side of the equation will make the whole equation equal to zero.