Identify the product of genetic engineering:

inserting a spider’s silk gene in a goat’s DNA to weave silk threads

choosing livestock for mating to pass on their genes for being large to offspring

intentionally pollinating two strawberry plants that produced sweet berries

fishing for large fish, leaving small fish to pass on their genes to offspring

2 Answer

  • it would be the top one because scientists use genetic engineering to create better crops
  • Answer: Inserting a spider’s silk gene in a goat’s DNA to weave silk threads.

    Genetic engineering involves modification of genetic make up of an organism in order to make it's qualities suitable for human use. In this process, some genes are added or deleted from an organism's genome for the purpose of obtaining desirable trait in an organism. Spider's silk is one of the advances in genetic engineering. This involves the production of recombinant silk. In this process spider's silk gene is introduced into a hetrologous host, which results in production of silk in large scale. This silk is a toughest biopolymer because of it's strength and elasticity. Therefore, inserting a spider's silk gene in a goat's DNA to weave silk threads is the product of genetic engineering.