Janet has three times as many dimes as nickels and twice as many quarters as nickels. If she has $5.10 in all, how many nickels, dimes, and quarters does she have? If n represents the number of nickels Janet has, which of the following equations could be used to solve the problem?
a). 5n + 10n + 25n = 510
b). n + 3n + 2n = 510
c). 5n + 30n + 50n = 510

1 Answer

  • If number of nickel = n
    number of dimes = 3n
    number of quarters = 2n

    Amount of nickel = 5n
    Amount of dimes = 30n
    Amount of quaters = 50n

    Total Amount = 5n + 30n + 50n = 510

    In short, Your Answer would be Option C

    Hope this helps!