Barney wants to rent a tent. He has to pay a fixed base cost plus a daily rate for renting the tent. The table shows the amount of money, y, in dollars, that Barney has to pay for renting the tent for x days: Tent Rental Number of days (x) Rent (dollars) (y) 0 3 1 8 2 13 3 18 4 23 Which equation best shows the relationship between x and y?

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  • y = 5x + 3. I know this because when x = 0, y = 3. The only way that's possible is if we add 3 to the multiplier of x. Then I find the multiplier by subtracting 3 from 8 and getting 5, which is 5 x 1. That gives me y = 5x + 3, and then I verify it with the other pairs.

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  • Answer:

    I think it is C:3

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The other persons don't help to much and he should put the answer then explain but what I think it is is c. Sorry if i am wrong.