Selma uses a jogging trail that runs through a park near her home. The trail is a loop that is of a mile long. On Monday, Selma ran the loop in of an hour. What is Selma’s unit rate in miles per hour for Monday’s run?

In this activity, you will use the common denominator method to calculate a unit rate that involves fractions. Answer the questions that follow to calculate Selma’s unit rate in miles per hour.

2 Answer

  • If she ran one mile in an hour wouldn't that mean her unit rate is one mile per hour? I think that's right but ask your teacher for reinsurance.
  • Answer:

    Miles Per Hour

    Step-by-step explanation:

    (3/4) / (1/6)=  3/4 * 6/1= 18/4 =4.5 miles per hr

    so the answer is 4.5 miles per hour