Root hairs function to

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  • Root hairs serve multiple functions for a plant. They keep the plant in place and help stabilize the soil around it. They are also often used for storage of the carbohydrate products of photosynthesis.  
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    • Plant body is simplified or divided in to the different parts, as each of the portion has its own function to serve and they have the specified level of specialties to run the system of the plant in a more accurate way.As, there is a stem, roots, and branches that extends from the stem(or simply leaves).
    • While, the roots are comprised of having the function of absorbing the most sufficient form of nutrients that the plant body require to grow and develop itself. Along, with that the roots are present deep down in the soil layer as it has no part in running the process of photosynthesis due to lack of the essential elements like that of the chloroplast in them.So, that is why we can say roots are mostly involved in the process of absorbing the right amount of elements like water and nutrients present inside the medium in which the plant grows.    
    • How, they are also responsible for providing a more firm support to the plants body and making it able to stand still on its position.