Read the passage. Though the community center buzzed with excitement, Jose moved his queen forward on the chess board with a steady hand. He eyed the row of his opponent’s captured pieces, and recognized his advantage. He said, "Check.” Across the table, his opponent wiped his brow, his eyes darting around the board. When he spotted an escape route, he exhaled in relief as he moved his king. Seconds ticked by as Jose assessed the board. His eyebrows raised almost imperceptibly, and a sly smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Then Jose selected his move. What conclusion can readers draw about Jose?

2 Answer

  • It seems that you have missed the necessary options for us to answer this question, so I had to look for it. Anyway, based on the given passage above, the conclusion that the readers can draw about Jose is that he expects to win his chess match. Hope this helps.
  • Jose expects to win the his match