In a paragraph of at least three sentences, explain the mood of this excerpt from Little Brother. Provide details from the text to support your answer. She gave me a long hug, and I noticed how thin her arms had gotten, how saggy the skin on her neck was. I always thought of my mother as young, pale, rosy-cheeked and cheerful, peering shrewdly through her metal-rim glasses. Now she looked a little like an old woman. I had done that to her. The terrorists had done that to her. The Department of Homeland Security had done that to her. In a weird way, we were all on the same side, and Mom and Dad and all those people we'd spoofed were on the other side.

1 Answer

  • Are there options for the mood? If not, I would say the mood is enlightenment, but not in the good way, bc this character is realizing how old his mother seems, and that he had done it to her

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