n at least two to three paragraphs, write an essay where you analyze the tone the character Marullus uses to express his interpretation of Caesar's return. Then explain how this is similar or different from the interpretation the painter has depicted? Use specific examples to support your observations. Use proper spelling and grammar.

1 Answer

  • His tone is that of someone that is worried or even alarmed at Caesar’s return after he defeated his rival and also former co-ruler Pompey. Marullus knew that this victory would mean that Caesar will be the most powerful man in Rome. For this same reason he felt in a very dangerous position. He assumed that Caesar would soon impose one-man rule. Marullus joins Flavius who feels the same way to try and put a stop to Caesar.  It is clear that the interpretation the painter has depicted is very different. This is apparent when you compare the painting to the word that Marullus himself used to describe the return of Caesar. In the painting it seems as though Marullus is impressed by Caesar’s feat. I believe he was just putting up a front while deep down he felt disgusted just looking at caesar in his glory moment. hope this helps