After being elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez

sought to introduce capitalism similar to the United States.
strengthened ties with democracies like the United States.
strengthened ties with socialist countries like Cuba.
sought to introduce communism similar to Cuba.

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  • After being elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez  strengthened ties with socialist countries like Cuba.

    Chavismo has been characterized by opposition to US foreign policy, declaring the Bolivarian Revolution as "anti-imperialist".

    Chavismo seeks to build cooperation agreements between Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as political, military and commercial agreements with countries opposed to US interests (China, Iran, Libya, Syria, Russia, etc.).

  • Strengthened ties with socialist countries like Cuba.

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    Hugo Chavez served as the President of Venezuela between the period of 1999-2013. He was the 45th President of Venezuela. Post Venezuela adopted new constitution in the year 1999, His main focus was to enact social reforms and his government was behind nationalizing key industries and he was the one who implemented social programs which were also known as the Bolivarian missions and the idea behind these social programs was to expand access of food, housing and education to the general public of Venezuela.

    He was always influenced by the Cuban Communist revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro and he was very much in support of Castro’s government’s assistance in the Bolivarian missions. He always wanted to introduce communism in Venezuela as similar to that of Cuba. The initial policies of his government were Capitalist. He was always in support of Latin America and Caribbean cooperation and he played an instrumental role in setting up Pan-Regional union which consisted of South American nations.  

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