In a newspaper ad, a scientist asks for volunteers to test a new theory on the speed of light by using a machine he invented. How would you know that this is an unreliable newspaper ad? (2 points)

The speed of light is an untested theory.

The speed of light is a law, not a theory.

Machines cannot measure the speed of light.

The scientist is proposing an untested hypothesis.

2 Answer

  • I said it was B, I was just asking if you could take a best guess.

  • Answer:

    Option A, The speed of light is an untested theory.


    The speed of light has special mention in the theory of relativity which has a basic postulate that light travel with same speed in all frames of inertia. This postulate actually has two major parts-  a) speed of light is not affected by the speed of observer and b) Speed of light is a quantity that do not vary with time and place.

    Hence, of all the theories till date it is said that any thing which reaches the speed of light is no more a measurable quantity

    Hence, option A is correct.