The Reaction: _S+O2=_SO2
How many moles of sulfur must be burned to give 0.567 moles of SO2?

2 Answer

  • Moles ratio:

    1 S + 1 O2 = 1 SO2

    1 mole S -------------- 1 mole SO2
    ? moles S ------------ 0.567 moles SO2

    0,567 x 1 / 1

    = 0.567 moles of S

  • Answer:

    [tex]0.567mol SO_{2}[/tex]


    We have the reaction

    [tex]S+ O_{2}\longrightarrow So_{2}[/tex]

    we balance the equation

    [tex]S+ O_{2}\longrightarrow So_{2}[/tex]

    In this case the equation is already balanced

    We use stoichiometric relations to solve it.

    we know that 1 mol of sulfur produces 1 mol of [tex]SO_{2}[/tex] (we know it by the coefficients of balancing of the equation, which in this are equal to 1)

    Now how many moles of sulfur are needed to produce 0.567 moles of [tex]SO_{2}[/tex]

    [tex]1mol S\longrightarrow 1 mol SO_{2}\\ x\longrightarrow 0.567mol SO_{2}\\ x=\frac{0.567 mol SO_{2}.1molS}{1molSO_2} =0.567mol SO_{2}[/tex]