What do the rhyming lines at the end of the excerpt contribute to the narrative?

The Vances lived in number seven. They had a different father and mother. They were Eileen’s father and mother. When they were grown up he was going to marry Eileen. He hid under the table. His mother said:

—O, Stephen will apologise.

Dante said:
—O, if not, the eagles will come and pull out his eyes.

Pull out his eyes,
Pull out his eyes.

Pull out his eyes,
Pull out his eyes,

1.They emphasize Stephen's defiance of the threats made by his parents and aunt. 2.They signal that the narrative is reflecting Stephen's personal experience.
3.They indicate that from a young age Stephen liked to turn conflict into art.
4.They hint that Stephen's family often sought to control his behavior. NextReset

2 Answer

  • The answer is #2. They signal that the narrative is reflecting Stephen's personal experience. I know its correct because i just took a test with this question and got 100%.
  • The answer is 2.

      Upon hearing the idea of marrying Eileen, in the future, Stephen hids under the table, indicating that he doesn't share of the same opinion. In efforts to make him change his mind and join them, his mother, indirectly, suggests that he apologise, and, to reinforce, Dante adds another threat. The rhymes sound impress on Stephen that has quite a dilemma, which reflects his personal experience.  


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