A rectangular container is 12cm long, 11cm wide and 10cm high. The container is filled with water to a depth of 8cm. A metal sphere of radius 3.5 cm is placed in the water and sinks to the bottom. Calculate the rise in water level, giving your answer in 3 significant figures.

Please can you show workings out? Many thanks

1 Answer

  • 1) Initial volume of water inside the container: V1

    V1 = 12cm*11cm*8cm = 1056 cm^3

    2) Volumen of the sphere: V2

    V2 = [4/3]π(r^3) = [4/3]π(3.5cm)^3 = 179.59 cm^3

    3) Volume of the water plus the sphere: V3

    V3 = V1+V2 = 1056 cm^3 +179.59cm^3 = 1,235.59 cm^3

    4) Final level of the water inside the container: h

    h = 1,239.59cm^3 / (12cm*11cm) = 9.36 cm