Jessica jogs on a path that is 25 km long to get to a park that is south of the jogging path. If it takes Jessica 2.5 hours then what is her speed and velocity?

1 Answer

  • Answer: Speed = 10 km per hour

    Velocity=10km/h towards south.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Hi, to solve this problem we have to analyze the information given:

    • distance: 25km
    • time: 2.5 hours

    direction: south

    So, we have to calculate the speed we have to divide the distance by the time:

    Speed = 25km / 2.5 h =10 km per hour (speed)

    The velocity is the speed in a direction.

    Velocity: 10km/h towards south.

    Feel free to ask for more if it´s necessary or if you did not understand something.