One characteristic of Fungi is that they have a cell wall made of chitin. What are two other characteristics of Fungi? 

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  • 1. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a fungus? a. Cell walls made of chitin. b. A form of The form of mitosis in fungi is different from that in all other organisms. The correct  A homokaryotic cell would possess two genetically similar nuclei. The correct  Basidiomycota does nothave these characteristics.
    • They are heterotrophic beings: Fungi do not synthesize the food itself, they incorporate the nutrients necessary for their metabolism through the absorption of substances after extracorporeal digestion, performed by enzymes synthesized and secreted on the organic matter contained in the environment.
    • Asexual reproduction: The fungi have asexual reproduction, that is, without the exchange of gametes, which makes it impossible to exchange genetic material. Reproduction of fungi occurs in three ways, by fragmentation, budding and sporulation.