According to the article "A Warning As Science Catches Up On Cloning," which artistic work was one of the first to tackle the idea of science overstepping its natural boundaries?
A.The Boys from Brazil (movie)
B.The Bionic Woman (TV show)
C.The Monster of Frankenstein (movie)
D.Frankenstein (book)

2 Answer

  • The correct answer is D, Frankenstein (book).

    Here's why:

    In the article, we read: "At its most extreme and tasteless, in the 1978 movie ''The Boys from Brazil'' (based on Ira Levin's pop novel), such fiction allows Josef Mengele to hatch a plan to clone little Hitlers."

    We also read, "Science rarely collides with the future on television, and when it does the results are (...) The Bionic Woman,'' hit series from the late 1970's in which artificial body parts turn an injured man and woman into superheroes fighting for good."

    The Monster of Frankenstein is not mentioned in this article.

    And the correct answer can be found here: "Mary Shelley's ''Frankenstein,'' conceived in 1816, is probably the first and certainly the most enduring warning about the dangerous meeting of science and hubris."

    If you look at the dates, the answer is also simple.

  • Answer:

    The correct answer is D, Frankenstein (book).